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I am a mover.


And that is what connects my passions: animation, storytelling and dance.

After spending years on making films,

my body shouted out for more attention than just sitting at a desk. In 2016 I decided to study the art of movement in other ways than animation by allowing myself to move to a new country and to take part in a 6 months training called "Free-Form Movement Facilitators". 

This careful and thorough look into what movement and dance bring into our lives on a physical, mental and spiritual level enlightened me. It gave me the motivation to embody my own visions of dance and create classes following what I believe can make one's life better.


In my sessions, I bring the power of imagination, playfulness and sensibility to help the participants to get in touch with their creative power. My speciality is to combine dancing with different creative methods such as drawing and singing. 

Today I am offering classes and workshops by myself all around the world or in collaboration with talented space holders in Berlin.